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Eliran Ouzan

Eliran Ouzan

Веб-дизайнер та хостинг-експерт


Еліран Узан – один з засновників HostAdvice, а також власник Moonshot Marketing LTD, пердової дизайнерської та IT-компанії, також був членом GreenPeace.

Добре відомий своїм чітким та висококонверсійним веб-дизайном. У своїй роботі він мав справу с більш ніж 200 хостинг провайдерами і він точно знає, що означає гарний хостинг провайдер. 

Some of the Most Useful WordPress Plugins

Right now, there are more than 56,000 plugins on WordPress. There quite literally is a plugin for anything you could think of including a plugin that makes your page do a barrel roll, an Asteroids Widget (throwback!), or a plugin that will add Darth Vader quotes on your website. It can be pretty tricky finding the right on for you and your WordPress site. Here are a few of our favorites!

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Start A Blog In 5 Easy Steps

After weeks or months of thinking of the perfect idea for your blog, you finally have it! You know what the theme will be, the different types of posts you will have, even how often you want to post. The only thing missing is starting the blog!

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of communicating nowadays. In 2016, 67 million people blogged on blogging sites. If you are a small business and have a blog, you could be seeing a 126% increase in leads generation!

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5 Steps to Building Your Own Website

It might be tempting just to let someone else handle the development technicalities of your website. However, the latest advancements in web hosting have minimized the whole process to a few basic steps.

Today we will discuss those steps and the most popular options in each step. Let us start by first realizing why we would choose to create a website from scratch in the first place.

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VPS Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting – What’s The Difference?

You may have come across the terms managed and unmanaged hosting while looking for the best provider or service. They are two variants of both dedicated and VPS hosting - two of the most popular web hosting types. Here we will discuss in details about each of their significance and which one will be the right pick for you.

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Good Technical Support is Key When Choosing a New Hosting Service

In the process of choosing a web hosting company, people have many different reasons for selecting one company over another. More specifically, the perfect web hosting company doesn’t exist. It is just a matter of preferences, significant for each. However, according to the majority of people, customer support is one of the essential features a company can offer.

There are all sorts of qualities a person can search for in a web hosting company. Price has always been the deciding factor for a lot of people. Other prominent features are the security and support your web host provides for your specific technology plan. Moreover, a good review and possibly a positive recommendation can massively increase the demand for a particular web hosting company.

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