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How to do Background Removal in a Video using OpenCV

Background subtraction is a major preprocessing step in many vision-based applications. For example, consider cases like a visitor counter where a static camera takes the number of visitors entering or leaving the room, or a traffic camera extracting information about the vehicles, etc. In all these cases, first, you need to extract the person or vehicles alone. Technically, you need to extract the moving foreground from the static background.


How to do Face Detection using OpenCV

OpenCV uses machine learning algorithms to search for faces within a picture. Because faces are so complicated, there isn’t one simple test that will tell you if it found a face or not. Instead, there are thousands of small patterns and features that must be matched. The algorithms break the task of identifying the face into thousands of smaller, bite-sized tasks, each of which is easy to solve. These tasks are also called classifiers.


How to Recover a Hacked Server

Usually, you find out your server got hacked because your datacenter or provider has network-restricted you. Or maybe you find out because of failed services, or defaced websites showing malware. It’s a scary situation as you don’t know what’s wrong and the immediate reaction is to panic. What’s most annoying is that it always seems to happen at the worst time.


How to Install and Setup Active Directory on Windows Server

The database, or directory, contains critical information about your environment, including what users and computers there are and who’s allowed to do what. For example, the database might list 100 user accounts with details like each person’s job title, phone number, and password. It’ll also record their permissions.


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