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Sara Mirchevska

Sara Mirchevska


Sara is a tech enthusiast and writer with over five years of experience. She is studying at UACS in North Macedonia. Sara is a creative person who is looking to become a high-tech writer over the years that come. She wants to be up to date with everything in the world that is related to technology and hosting, and she is the one that provides us with news in the web hosting world.
A New Ransomware as A Threat to Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers

Epsilon Red, ransomware written in the Go programming language with many unique PowerShell scripts, has compromised an unpatched Microsoft Exchange email server.

The security gap in Microsoft Exchange servers caused vulnerability upon its worldwide users. While Microsoft issued an alert, not all companies acted upon it and didn’t secure their servers, leaving them open to hackers.

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InMotion Hosting Delivers an On-Demand OpenStack Private Cloud Powered by Supermicro MicroBlade® Servers

Supermicro and InMotion Hosting have recently released a new study that described how InMotion Hosting managed to build on-demand private cloud solutions based on the Supermicro hardware.

These high density and cost efficiencies, which are offered by the Supermicro MicroBlade servers, enabled the successful implementation of OpenStack as a Service concept for InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud Precuts.

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IKOULA Strengthens Its Range of Raspberry Pi 4 Micro Servers

After putting a new name for itself in the dedicated server scene in 2019 through the launch of the 1st micro server based on Raspberry Pi 4 architecture, with IPv6 and IPv4 and hosted in a datacenter, IKOULA became a key player in the European IaaS market. Even today, they continue to innovate by offering their customers an even more powerful as well as multi-use version known as Micro Server +.

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The IBM WebSphere App Server Is Now Available on Azure Linux VMs

Throughout this month, IBM and Microsoft have announced the availability of the IBM WebSphere Application Server on Azure Linux-based virtual machines.

This collaboration enables organizations to run enterprise Java workloads on Azure while also giving them access to various Azure services. The IBM WebSphere licenses can use the Azure hosting to support the microservices or standards-based application development process.

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