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Tamar Weinberg

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Співробітник Mashable, пише для Lifehacker, менеджер в Namecheap Inc.
ScopeHosts is Huge in India: A Sit Down with Siddesh Hoogar

Interview with Siddesh Hoogar, Founder of ScopeHosts

Sometimes you find yourself in an accidental profession. I'd like to say Siddesh's career path brought him into hosting accidentally, though he had the experience and loved it.

We learned more about his business and what he offers. It's a fun story to see how this small Indian company now has a global presence.

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Tenko Nikolov’s 3 tenets have made SiteGround a huge success

Interview with Tenko Nikolov, CEO and Managing Partner at SiteGround

SiteGround is a successful hosting company with hundreds of employees. Located in Europe, its CEO, Tenko Nikolov, has been fixated on growing his brand by focused on success across the team and for their customers. It's evident that SiteGround knows what they're doing -- and the photos tell a great story about a great company culture.

Tenko has shared his experiences with us in the interview below. We highly recommend you read it to learn how this young CEO has made his company so incredibly successful.

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Liquid Web’s CEO encourages staff to succeed: An Interview with Jim Geiger

Interview with Jim Geiger, CEO of Liquid Web

Jim Geiger is the newest CEO at Liquid Web (and he calls himself the Chief Encouragement Officer, which I love). He has taken the reigns on the company after founder Matthew Hill stepped down. In this interview, we learn about the company, Jim's job experience, his focus on his staff to be the best they can be, and then we learn a little about Jim's own hobbies and passions.

It was great to talk to Jim and learn more about his focus, especially coming from a CEO whose communications director says has a "consistently busy schedule." We get it. And yet, Jim took a great deal of time to provide us with an interview that we really enjoyed. This is truly a fun interview and we'd love for you to dig in!

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Elastx automates the cloud: an Interview with Joakim Öhman

Interview with Joakim Öhman, CEO at Elastx

The cloud is our future. As more and more people rely on distributed systems for serving their files versus a single point for all their files, especially since it could amount to significant failures, cloud products and services is where we are moving toward. More and more brands and companies are capitalizing on this, both from a usage perspective and a service offering perspective. It's great to learn more about this from our friends in Sweden, Elastx. Joakim Öhman talks to us candidly about Elastx and explains what benefits it offers customers. Here's his story.

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nazwa.pl is the largest Polish hosting company with a team-centric CEO

Interview with Tomasz Żyła, CEO of nazwa.pl

It's nice to know that hosting doesn't exist solely in a vacuum--that hosting services are available globally, serving needs of all customers in all geographies. Tomasz Żyła is the CEO of nazwa.pl, the largest hosting company in Poland and one of the largest IT companies in the country. The company, which will celebrate its 20th year in 2017, focuses on domains, hosting, online stores, web wizards, email, and SSL certificates, as well as professional services in configuration and consulting. It was a pleasure learning about the business from the person at the helm, Tomasz Żyła, who gave me some great insights into what the business is focused on.

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