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Whether you’re blogger, a small business owner or a webmaster for a major company, we’re here to guide you in your selection of the best web host for your needs. The HostAdvice team has created major hosting guides, a blog, hosting FAQs and unique hosting tools and put them at your disposal to assist you. Explore the differences between different types of hosting, get the latest hosting news, updates and interviews, or use our hosting tools to research web hosts and websites.
Public Cloud Hosting
  • What is Public Cloud Hosting?
  • Public Cloud hosting Platforms
  • Public Cloud Hosting Solutions: IT majors, Webhosts, VPS, Dedicated and Elastic web Servers
  • Public Cloud Hosting Services: PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS and CaaS
  • Public Cloud Hosting Advantages
Kubernetes hosting
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • Kubernetes - Elastic Cloud Orchestration
  • Kubernetes Advantages
  • Kubernetes Types: Platform-as-a-service (paas) hosting
  • Kubernetes Types: Openstack & linux distros
  • Kubernetes Types: Alternatives
  • Kubernetes Cloud Hosting Solutions (Enterprise, Web/Mobile Apps, Devops)
Elastic cloud hosting
  • What is Elastic Hosting?
  • Elastic Hosting Vs. Dedicated Servers
  • Advantages of Elastic Hosting
  • Types of Elastic Hosting (Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud)
  • Elastic Hosting Solutions for Small business, Ecommerce and Web/Mobile Apps
Containers vs. VPS Hosting
  • Cloud virtualization - Containers & VPS Solutions
  • What is the difference between Containers & VPS?
  • Containers & VPS - Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Containers - Main Platform Standards
  • VPS Software
  • Container Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting
Recent Blog Posts
At HostAdvice, we’re dedicated to exploring the different challenges and trends in the web hosting industry. Read our blog for news about the latest startups and acquisitions, technical developments, as well as personal interviews with CEOs to learn more about their thoughts on the future of web hosting. Latest Blog Posts
ARYHost Interview cover image
Today we have the opportunity to speak with Mr. Maher Tanvir Hussain from ARYHost, where we are going to learn more about their products and services. Tune in and learn about this great story.
Guide cover image
If you are into web hosting and the general world of networking, you have undoubtedly heard of DNS. Today, I’ll cover how the overall process works and how it’s connected to web hosts. But before...
Ibumu interview cover image
We are very excited to speak with Mr. Pablo Miatello from Ibumu, and learn about their product and services.   Strap in and read this great interview.
Hosting Tools
Web Hosting 101
Our free guide is a top-notch exhaustive resource, created by trusted hosting experts with years of experience. We made it to help you choose the right hosting, make the most of it and save big bucks on the long run.
Web Hosting 101
Hosting FAQs
We give you the tools you need to research both your web host and service thoroughly. Find out which web hosting company your competitors are using and learn which hosting companies are the most popular in your geographic region. Take our survey to receive a personalized web host recommendation, and discover how much you can possibly save on your current web hosting plan! Top FAQs