Джейсон – графічний дизайнер і перекладач. Він керує кількома сайтами та є частиною спільнот менеджерів та маркетологів. Ми раді, що Джейсон є частиною команди експертів HostAdvice, який бере інтерв'ю та пише про хостинг провайдери. Він використовує досвід роботи свого невеликого онлайн бізнесу в своїх інтерв'ю, пропонуючи легкий для читання технічний блог відповідного стилю.

When your hosting company is a custom solutions development house. Interview with Server Point CEO, Pedro Nieto

Автор: , 20 черв. 2016

ServerPoint has been providing very nice hosting options for all types of customers since 1998. The company boasts that they have no long term debt, and are profitable every year. This is important today since many hosting companies are being bought and sold, which can cause problems for the customers. Based out of Las Vegas, ServerPoint keeps all their support in-house. While they are a great hosting company for all types of websites, they have made an effort to become the leading company for developers. They designed their infrastructure for stability and providing the services that they knew their customers would need.



What is Zapodaj.net and why is it the leading image hosting and sharing service in Poland? Interview with Adam Przykucki, CEO of Zapodaj.net

Автор: , 6 черв. 2016

My name is Adam Przykucki, I'm 26 years old. When I was 15, I made my first portal with my friends. Since then I set up my own business called UnderMedia (since 2011, it’s the company that owns Zapodaj.net and other brands), became the CEO of 4Blop.com (a new platform for artists), and a co-owner of See Investments, that owns Concept Space – a co-working office in Gdynia. I created Zapodaj.net when I was 17.



Recognizing where to be the expert and where to work with the experts was key to our success. An interview with Amir Helzer, CEO of WPML

Автор: , 11 квіт. 2016

With the expansion of a global economy the world is becoming a smaller place, and translation and localization services for websites are a growing demand. We sat with Amir Helzer, Founder of WPML, to find out how he grew his company from a niche localization service to one of the most widely used multilingual plugins on the web!



What the Future Holds for GoDaddy’s Hosting Services - Interview with Jeff King, SVP & GM Hosting, Security at GoDaddy

Автор: , 15 бер. 2016

As of January 2016, GoDaddy has more than 62 million domain names under management, making it the world's largest ICANN-accredited registrar. It serves more than 14 million customers and employs around 5,000 people. GoDaddy has to cater to so many different needs that they have a huge variety of options immediately at hand, which could lead to confusion. However, they’ve figured out how to organize their offerings expertly, resulting in an easy-to-use interface. Every part of the website – the control panel, support area, and even the site builder – has clear directions and is organized in a way that simply makes sense. We spoke with Jeff King, SVP & GM of hosting and security at GoDaddy, who helped create the consumable, product driven system they use today.

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What to expect at the best networking event in the cloud, hosting and service provider industry

Автор: , 15 лют. 2016

Interview with HostingCon marketing manager, Andy Grider

HostingCon is the global event for the cloud and service provider ecosystem. They host 4 events a year, in India, China, Europe (which has always been in Amsterdam) and the largest one, in the United States. HostingCon is bar none the biggest event for networking with the people who provide and create the services we use and to keep up to date on the latest trends. Offering full conferences, speakers, big exhibition halls and most of all, networking events. We sat down with Andy Grider, the marketing manager of HostingCon to learn more about who should come and what to expect from the event.