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Оцінки Aliyun від клієнтів

  • Надійність
    4.0 / 10
  • Ціни
    4.0 / 10
  • Зручність
    2.0 / 10
  • Техпідтримка
    4.0 / 10
  • Можливості
    8.0 / 10

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Послуга Ціновий діапазон
VPS 270 ₴ - 2 120 ₴ Тарифні плани
Перелік послуг та ціни взяті з www.alibabacloud.com

Відгук експерта про Aliyun 2019

Автор: Майкл Лавдуські

Рейтинг Aliyun

  • Надійність
    10 / 10
  • Ціни
    8 / 10
  • Зручність
    9 / 10
  • Техпідтримка
    8 / 10
  • Можливості
    7 / 10
Оцінка від Майкл Лавдуські
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Expert Overview

Cloud Computing Platform in China

Aliyun is a cloud computing company that has been in business since 2009.  They are based in China and offer services to over 200 countries and help private individuals, companies and governments get the cloud services they require.  Their site is all in Chinese and much of the pages are images rather than text, which means it can’t be translated through normal site translation means.  This has made it particularly difficult to learn about their services.

They do have data centers in China (multiple locations), Singapore, the United States and are working on setting up new data centers in Europe and the Middle East.  They are not a traditional hosting provider, so if you are looking to run a regular blog or small business site, this is not likely the company for you.

Uptime & Reliability

Exceptional Uptime & Reliability

This company does an excellent job at keeping their services up and running.  In fact, that is one of the main reasons why a company or government agency would use these services.  The high end data centers, great quality hardware and other perks will help ensure your data is always accessible to the people who need it.


Cloud & Tech Services

Just about everything this company offers uses cloud technologies.  They offer cloud storage services, which are great for companies that need to keep their data safely stored off site.  They also offer website services including building pages and more.  This type of service is often used for app and software developers that need their programs hosted on a reliable server.  I couldn’t find any type of standard hosting (shared, VPS, Dedicated, ect).


Tech Support Seems Great

I was not able to work with their tech support at all but they do seem to be available when they are needed.  Those who have used this company’s services also seem to be quite happy with the level of service they are getting.  Browsing through their site, you will see that they offer a lot of great information to help you learn more about the technologies you will have access to.


Prices Seem Fair

The prices for the cloud hosting and other services they provide all seem to be in line with what I have seen on other sites that offer similar services.  It is important to note that these aren’t hosting solutions so it is somewhat difficult to compare pricing.  For those who are shopping for this specific type of web service, however, you will likely be happy with the pricing structure for all their options.

User Friendly

Everything Appears Friendly

While I had a lot of trouble with their site, that is only because I don’t speak the native language.  For those who do, everything seems like it is easy to understand and navigate to.  They also offer a lot of helpful services to get people up and running with the cloud technologies that they offer.


Great Services – Not for Hosting

This company provides a very nice set of services to a very specific target audience.  While they are not the right choice for people who need standard hosting, they do fill a niche.


  • Very Stable Services
  • Fast Response Times


  • Not a Traditional Hosting Provider
Aliyun Ціни та тарифні плани

Ціни, пакети і функції Aliyun в 2019 році

Тарифні плани на VPS хостинг

План Диск ОЗУ ОС Ціна Score
40 ГБ 1 ГБ 270 ₴ 4.4
40 ГБ 2 ГБ 510 ₴ 4.4
60 ГБ 4 ГБ 1 050 ₴ 4.4
80 ГБ 8 ГБ 2 120 ₴ 4.4

Розташування серверів

Китай Сінгапур США

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