Кращі компанії 2018 року - Хостинг для реселлеров

Ми розглянули і протестували для вас 708 різних хостингових компаній в категорії: Хостинг для реселлеров. І ось що нам вдалося вибрати для вас після дуже ретельного розгляду:

3 Найкращі В Світі Хостингові Компанії в категорії: Хостинг для реселлеров

2. MilesWeb

Ціна від:

130 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Безкоштовний домен

Відгук експерта:
Ідан Коен Ідан Коен: MilesWeb завойовує репутацію однієї з кращих веб-хостингових компаній Індії, а їхні плани для реселерів Pluton, Mars і Jupiter стають все більше і більше популярними серед клієнтів у цій галузі. У плани входить розміщення 25, 100 або 200 доменів із необмеженим SSD-сховищем і пропускною спроможністю. MilesWeb також безкоштовно пропонує необмежену кількість баз даних MySQL, акаунтів електронної пошти та сертифікатів SSL у кожному плані для реселерів, а також ліцензійні версії WHM, cPanel і ClientExec. Реселер-акаунти на Microsoft Windows серверах також доступні зі встановленою панеллю керування Plesk. Читати далі

3. VHosting Solution

Ціна від:

320 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів

Відгук експерта:
Маским Острижко Маским Острижко: Якщо ви у пошуку можливості заробітку пропонуючи послуги веб-хостингу як реселер, то у компанії VHosting Solution є для вас безліч пропозицій. Вони не лише надають високоякісні хостингові рішення, а й також пропонують інструменти реселерам для керування та обслуговування клієнтів, білінгову систему і багато іншого. Читати далі

Розташування серверів: Ерферт Париж Мілан

Інші пропозиції за рейтингом

4. HyperHost

Ціна від:

200 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Безкоштовний домен
5. sered

Ціна від:

290 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Розташування серверів: Мадрид Барселона
6. ChemiCloud

Ціна від:

370 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 45 днів
Безкоштовний домен
7. HostRound LLC

Ціна від:

370 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Безкоштовний домен
8. OneHost Cloud

Ціна від:

620 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Розташування серверів: Париж Даллас Мельбурн
9. Hostazor

Ціна від:

30 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 7 днів
10. Hostens

Ціна від:

70 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 30 днів
Розташування серверів: Вільнюс Сінгапур Вашингтон
11. Vangus Ltd

Ціна від:

375 ₴ / МІС
Манибек: 14 днів
Розташування серверів: Франкфурт-на-Майні Петах-Тіква
Реселлер-хостинг пропонує кожному співпрацю у вигляді партнерства під власним брендом та використовується веб-фахівцями для надання клієнтам веб-хостингу, реєстрації доменів та електронної пошти.

Reseller web Hosting

The age of the internet has commenced a new era of moving everything online. After the iconic industrial revolution, we are now witnessing yet another revolution right in front of our eyes - The “Internet revolution” as some of you would call it.

It is a booming field, and experts say it still hasn’t reached its full potential yet. This, in turn, has given rise to many different industries and jobs. One of them is web hosting. The hosting market is quite a broad and interesting one. If you have a website, you must have your very own web hosting provider.

Now, what hosting you require depends on what type of website you have. Since people have various needs, various types of web hosting are available, and that’s the beauty of modern technology; there are many options, and you get to choose what’s best for you.

One of the popular hosting types is reseller hosting. For people who are a bit unfamiliar with hosting terms, reseller hosting is not quite the same as shared hosting. Although their core concepts might be similar, considering they are a single server that is serving different customers but shared hosting does not allow you to ‘resell’ the server bandwidth to someone else.

In that sense, with reseller hosting, you can buy hosting services from a company in bulk and then resell said server bandwidth to other customers under your own company’s name and brand to different customers. It does not require a massive upfront investment for infrastructure and other hardware.

While shared hosting is only used as end customers, reseller hosting can be seen as an investment which then can be sold to others at any given point in time. This opportunity creates a window for additional revenue for your company. Not just that, even if you are an end consumer you can earn some passive income by reselling your unused server hard drive space.

When one buys server hard disk space with the intention of reselling, they are given what is called a ‘master admin area.’ This lets you control every aspect of your hosting so you can resell them to someone else. You can create your hosting packages independent of your parent company’s packages, create new accounts yourself and even give some specific admin privileges to a user. The customer or client who will be using the resold hosting from you will receive their cPanel. This allows them to gain some admin privileges too. Therefore they can have some control of their own and will not need to contact you for small changes such as passwords etc.

Advantages of reseller hosting

There are some pretty intriguing advantages of reseller hosting. Apart from the point of it becoming a good source of passive income, reseller hosting inherently comes with a few good quirks.

  • You can create your brand
    With reseller hosting, the parent company you bought your server disk space from is not mentioned anywhere. This gives you the ability to brand yourself in your way and appear as your own company. Think of it as franchising without the actual rules of franchising. Clients do not see the parent company anywhere as it is white label.
  • Full control over the resources you bought
    Once you buy the resources, i.e., hosting server space from a company, you own the entirety of it. You can use them however you see fit for your personal use or business use. As mentioned above, you may also create different packages of your own and then sell them under those packages.
  • No huge upfront cost
    Since resellers are just buying the hosting space off of another company and reselling it to others, the need for creating an actual hosting infrastructure is thus eliminated. Resellers, therefore, do not generally have to incur significant costs for hardware and infrastructure
  • Web Host Manager
    Resellers receive access to WHM (Web Host Manager), a control panel that allows administrative access to the backend of cPaenl. The WHM allows you admin privileges for a hosting reseller account.
  • Full support
    Resellers are required to give full support to their clients. Even though the reseller is reselling hosting services, the reseller itself has to offer support to the end customers, though the reseller can get support from the company whose services are being resold.
  • Account upgradability
    Resellers’ accounts can be chosen to upgrade later up to better packages which in turn means a reseller can then offer its clients better packages with more features.
  • Service reliability
    Resellers are capable of providing solid reliability to clients.

Disadvantages on reseller hosting

Although reselling hosting services can be quite lucrative, it does have some drawbacks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Providing Support
    As a reseller, you take some responsibility on the client’s behalf. Expect constant support calls if there is a technical issue. But having a well-trained support staff can significantly reduce the hassle. But don’t worry too much about the cost. Since there is not that much of capital investment in reselling hosting services, excellent support staff can be quickly hired.
  • Reliance on the Parent Company
    As you are buying the hosting disk space from another company and then reselling them, any mishap that might happen on the parent company’s side can and will affect your clients as well. Although possible, it is not easy to switch clients quickly which can indeed prove to be quite tricky.

Should I Opt for Reseller Hosting?

“Do you need reseller hosting?” The answer to this question depends on your use. If you operate a business, you can get a reseller account and think of it as an investment rather than an expense. You can use it for your work, and you can also sell hosting services to others for a fee and add it to your revenue stream. It would be an excellent source of passive income for businesses and even some individuals if they chose to do so.

For a small business firm, reseller hosting is not that viable an option as shared hosting will get the job done quite neatly. Another compelling reason to go with reseller hosting would be the fact that you’re given a more robust cPanel that allows you as the reseller to provide each of your clients with their cPanel, while you have control over your cPanel as well. This way you more administrative control. You have to weigh the benefits and the costs for your case and then see which option serves your need the best. There is never a one size fits all option here.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

If you came to the decision that you do want to try out reseller hosting, selecting a hosting company is not like picking candy from a bag. It is an important decision; a decision that you have to live with for a while. So, knowing what to look for and how to go on about it is a significant factor. Ending up with the wrong hosting service will eventually hurt you and your business in the long run. Be it by losing clients if you are a reseller or getting poor services if you are the client yourself.

You can consider the following points when picking the right hosting service for you.

  1. Reputation
    No one walks into anything blindly nowadays. With the advent of the internet and so much information available online, it has become quite easy to learn a lot on a topic from the comfort of your home. We would suggest you look into the reputation of the hosting services you have chosen before taking the plunge. Research the companies, how are their customer service, technical knowledge, and overall service performance. You can find many user reviews and also comparison table of top hosting sites online.
  2. What are Your Needs?
    Why are you getting the hosting service in the first place? Your specific need will also dictate which hosting service will ultimately be better for you. Look at the plans and the packages, the services that are being offered. Which one meets your requirements the most? Pick one and stick to it.
    Each service offers their unique quirks and features and USPs. By having an idea of what your needs are and which hosting services are the one that can fulfill them gives you a clear path to follow and compare the specs.
  3. Security
    The online revolution is a magical gateway where the whole world is available at your fingertips. But do remember, if it’s possible to you so quickly, it is also available to others who may not have the best of intentions. The more important aspects of our lives we put online, the more the chances there is for it to get hacked. And when it comes to hosting a site for a business, the discussion for security is even more critical.
    You would want to choose a service that provides perfect security and is trustworthy. Many websites have succumbed to the bad fate of being hacked and causing millions of dollars in losses for the company and causing irreparable damage to the hosting company’s reputation. In simple words, security is essential. Opt for a renowned reseller hosting who guarantee top-notch security protocols, and read customer reviews before subscribing to one.
  4. Scalability
    No entrepreneur starts a business without the hope of constant growth. A company can grow very fast and dynamically. You would ideally want to choose a hosting service so that you can scale your current operations to be bigger if needed. Your hosting company should be able to provide you with a better plan or package when your website is experiencing more traffic for example. Choosing a company that can scale up in this manner will prevent you from the hassle of needing to change your hosting service company altogether. It can be quite a chore doing so and all meanwhile your site is down, and your customers are experiencing problems.
  5. Standard Features
    The hosting company or service that you chose should be able to provide you with some vital essential features right away. From admin privileges to your site to site statistics, you need to be able to see for yourself how your site is doing so you can make better strategic decisions regarding your business.
    It should be able to provide you with the ability to add plug-ins and also integrate WordPress, Drupal, etc. File management is another easy and must needed feature it should provide. Also, having an FTP or SFTP server will significantly aid the usability when large sized files are required to be transferred.
  6. Uptime
    The internet is always open for everyone in the world. Your site needs to be up and running every day of the week. Looking at the uptimes scores of specific services will give you a better insight into who will be better keeping your business site up and running. This part of the process will be gradually uncovered when you are looking into the reputations of the web hosting sites.
  7. Trial Period and Refund Policy
    It is best to check that the service that you picked has a generous refund policy and a trial period. You should test out the service before deciding to commit for an extended period. The last thing you want to do is decide in haste only to regret it later on.


In conclusion, web hosting in all its forms is a broad and in-depth topic, and reseller hosting is just one of the major branches in that huge tree. This article tries to give you enough information to instill confidence in you and help you make an informed decision.

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